The 34 Pilates exercises & Breathwork

Have you ever done the 34 Pilates exercises all in one class? Join us for 2hrs of Pilates bliss on the next Pilates Masterclass !


"Breathing is your first and last act in life". Joseph Pilates.
Pilates placed a great focus on breathing during the workshop we will be explore ways to measure breathing so you have a objective marker to compare and improve

On The First Sunday of the Month

The 34 Pilates exercises

What a great way to get to know the Pilates system by performing the 34 Pilates exercises in one class! 2hrs of pure Pilates Bliss .

ACPilates Online Pilates club

From the comfort of your own home you can join the Pilates Masterclass and for through the whole sequence under the guidance of a qualified Pilates teacher and the support of all the students who love the sequence, challenge adapt and overcome!

Pilates Masterclass : Repetition is key

The 34 Pilates exercises and Breathwork master class once a month. The 1st Sunday of the month. The class starts at 10:30am but if you have any questions I will be online from 10:20am.

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