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The best equipment for pregnancy pilates at home & how to optimise your Training space.

Like everything in life there are advantages and disadvantages of exercising and having classes at home. In this article I will go through the 3 steps you can take to optimise your class experience when training at home.


First of all block the time of your class as if you were not at home! I can not stress that enough is one hour and it should be all about you, your health and your well-being. You need to be fully present to get the most out of your session. Exercise is medicine and essential for every human being that wants to live a healthy life. 


Secondly prepare your space. It does not need to be anything fancy as a personal gym at home! Just your favourite mat and your precious home equipment is more than enough! That will create the right mindset for you to start your routine, once you unrolled your mat you can let all the magic happen!


What brings me to the third point. What equipment should I get? For my classes I like to have the stability ball that is incredible useful for pregnancy exercises, a set of ankle weights, a set of mini bands, one long band , one foam roller and a peanut, It might sound like a lot but in mine opinion is just the begining. Of course I do have variations and different options for students that do not have all the equipment but if you want to make the most of your session get the gear.

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