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Change your Posture with Pilates

During a Privates session I will assess your movement patterns and target unbalances to create easy of movement for a stronger and more flexible body.

About me

As I dancer I practice lots of Pilates for conditioning and injury prevention, that lead me to complete a degree in Sports therapy and qualify as a Pilates teacher. After over 10 years teaching Pilates I did further trainings including : Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki and Buteyko method. Teaching and learning are the driving force behind my practice.

ACPilates online Club experience

Group classes are absolutle great! There is a certain dynamic and the feeling of moving towards a common goal together with a group of amazing people striving to get stronger and healthier. The group classes are theme focus changing every couple of weeks.

ACPilates Privates

The private sessions are specific and focused on your goals and needs.

ACPilates Experience

Expect to work with breath, engage your mind increase your awareness and create a life where movement and stillness brings balance for a stronger and more flexible you.

""Ana is unique. She always has a great willingness to adapt a class to suit the needs and requests of her pupils, rather than running through the same routine week on week. Through quite determination she pushes you to try ' just that bit harder' and you come away from the class feeling happy that you got up at the crack of dawn to go"!
“Ana is an exceptional teacher with real care for her students as individuals with specific needs. Her knowledge of anatomy and experience as a teacher are extensive. She is flexible in every sense and can adapt her class to any particular need that anyone has. Her experience as a dancer makes her own movement a perfect standard to inspire. I have been Ana's student for 11years now, and watching her class grow has been a delight.
Ann Jaye

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