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The 34 Pilates exercises & Breathwork

Have you ever done the 34 Pilates exercises all in one class? Join us for 2hrs of Pilates bliss on the next Pilates Masterclass !


"Breathing is your first and last act in life". Joseph Pilates.
Pilates placed a great focus on breathing during the workshop we will be explore ways to measure breathing so you have a objective marker to compare and improve

The 34 Pilates exercises

What a great way to get to know the Pilates system by performing the 34 Pilates exercises in one class! 2hrs of pure Pilates Bliss .

ACPilates Online Pilates club

From the comfort of your own home you can join the Pilates Masterclass and for through the whole sequence under the guidance of a qualified Pilates teacher and the support of all the students who love the sequence, challenge adapt and overcome!

Pilates Masterclass : Repetition is key

To master a movement/ exercise it takes practice and consistance there is no best way to improve than repetition refiniment of technique and corrections. With that in mind I will be running The 34 Pilates exercises and Breathwork master class once a month. The 1st Sunday of the month. The class starts at 10:30am but if you have any questions I will be online from 10:20am.


Although I am a beginner, I have always enjoyed Pilates and I recognise the benefits of practising regularly. After just a few classes I began to feel stronger in my core and back and now I can feel that I’m learning and improving. I joined the Pilates Master Class, as it was a rare opportunity to try all 34 Pilates positions in one class, to test my ability and give me something to aspire to. I also felt that having a greater understanding of the exercises and how they are interconnected gives you a real sense of your body, balance and your limitations to allow you to set your own goals. Ana is an incredible teacher, very patient, professional and exceptionally flexible! Seeing her demonstrate some of the classical exercises is very inspiring and helps me motivate and challenge myself. She’s very attentive in the classes and ensures everyone gets time and feedback. Her passion and love for Pilates really shines through in her work as a teacher and in her on-going support for her students. I genuinely cannot endorse Ana’s classes enough and highly recommend them to anyone, but in particular if like me you sit for most of your working day, rarely practise any sports or go to the gym, then you won’t regret making the time to join Ana’s classes; it will really help you understand your body better, improve core strength, flexibility and posture.
Joe Chin
IT consultant
“Pilates is great helped me with lower back pain and now that I am pain free I really enjoyed doing a full 2 hrs class with Ana. The times passes so quickly and at the end of the class I have a great send of achievement".
Lu Orlandi

Challenge your Body & your mind